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This website has one overriding objective – to showcase some of the best quality products and services designed or produced in Waterford, and to match shoppers and businesses – it is that simple.

Our local companies produce some of the highest quality, creative and innovative products available in the country, but we’re not always aware of what is going on in our local community. 

Now we can! Your Waterford gives shoppers the opportunity to explore a range of diverse and unique products, which they can buy online directly through the specific companies’ websites.

Showcasing Your Waterford
Connecting Local Businesses
Unique Local Services

For those in the business to business community, finding local suppliers can be difficult. Our ‘For Business’ category features a wide range of often very unique services offered by local companies, from technology, to manufacturing to services.

So in summary, What is Your Waterford?
  • It’s a gateway to a treasure chest of products and services available in the area
  • It’s a wonderful opportunity to foster local contacts and drive our local economy
  • It’s a meeting place for businesses to identify and develop relationships with local providers
  • Its ‘Yours’ – the businesses and shoppers who use this website!
What Is Your Waterford
Bringing Together Local Consumers, Shoppers & Businesses – Driving Local Businesses, Fostering New Connections… Together, Supporting Local.