Di Fenza Designs

About our Business

Hi I am Carmel from Di Fenza Designs, I design and make unique Sterling Silver and Copper jewellery.

My designs are influenced by geometric shapes and form and my collections of jewellery are inspired by the world around me from nature to architecture.

I love working with both metals, the Sterling Silver and Copper compliment each other beautifully and give a unique accent to each piece. I try to incorporate as much recyclable materials as I can in my designs such as recycled copper pipe and sourcing Sterling Silver that has been recycled. My favourite up-cycling aspect of my business is working with old Irish coins dating back to the 1930’s. Being able to transform these old treasures into new wearable pieces that can be cherished for many more year.

Working on bespoke pieces is where I can really get creative, chatting with the client and turning their vision into a piece of wearable art that tells their personal story and is unique and special to them.

Some of our Favourite Products