About our Business

We are GIY – a Waterford social enterprise with global reach, dedicated to supporting people to grow some of their own food at home, school, work or in the community.

Food growing is the ultimate food masterclass that leads to food empathy and is a lever to a healthier, happier and more sustainable world.

The food chain increasingly has less and less to do with great food and nutrition, and more to do with convenience, mass production, global trade and profit. This is having a devastating effect on our health and the health of the planet we share. Though we are in many ways increasingly obsessed with food, we have never been more disconnected from it and how food is grown.

There is no better way to understand and re-connect meaningfully with your food than by growing some of it yourself! This is GIY’s mission: to inspire everyone (young, old, urban, rural, novice or master) to grow some of their own food, to eat locally sourced and seasonal food wherever possible, and to play our part in living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Cheesy as it sounds, we believe we’re changing the world – one GIYer at a time.

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GROW HQ, Dunmore Road, Faronshoneen, Waterford, X91NX30