Lisa Keane Art

About our Business

I’m a Waterford girl born and bred and I love where I live. I studied art and photography at WIT and graduated in 2007 with BA Hons in Arts in Art in society. After I had my second son I decided to stay at home as it made financial sense at the time, but this move also paved the way for me to revisit my passion and I started painting again. I originally started painting mostly Waterford beaches featuring my boys as subjects, that’s where we spent most of our time soaking in nature.

Then one day I was inspired to paint John’s Avenue with the colourful umbrellas hanging overhead and my love for painting Waterford streets began from that moment. I wanted to paint Waterford in all its wonderful glory and with the innocence of a child’s eye. My inspiration comes from my kids as they showed me how they see the world with such awe and admiration, we tend lose that sense of wonder as we grow up so I want to capture that in my work.

So now I paint Waterford city and surrounding areas in a colourful and fun way. I work with lots of colour and light to evoke fond and happy memories and associations for people with these places. I like to paint Waterford pubs specifically as it’s a personal memory for me, I was brought to the pub as a kid by my dad and I have lots of fond memories from that time.

I also enjoy capturing streets as a sort of historical moment in time, as shopfronts and colours of buildings are forever changing and some gone forever and it’s nice to remember what was. My paintings have travelled far and wide to Deise living all over the globe and I love to hear my paintings give them a connection to home and memories to cherish.

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