About our Business

We make thoughtful, unique jewellery and other products with special meanings and energies from 16 native Irish woods. Our style is earthy and natural, creating symbolic jewellery for inspiration, occasions and different stages of life’s journey. Our timeless pieces are made from sustainable wood in Ireland and designed to reach hearts and souls, each piece features spiritual beliefs made using native Irish trees that root us all to our ancient origins.

All the wood that is used for Moonwood is sustainably sourced from the local area in Waterford or from nearby Kilkenny from storm fallen trees or trees that have been naturally pruned. Moonwood is committed to protecting the environment and combating climate change, by sponsoring trees through the Irish Tree Council.
One of the most unique products that we make is based on The Celtic Tree Calendar and uses 13 Irish woods. In ancient times, the Druids were the leaders of the Celts who believed that trees were filled with spirits and were sentient beings. They revered all nature and their gods were water, trees, wind , stars, the moon and all of nature. In Celtic times, the year was divided onto 13 months, unlike our 12 months. This is because they followed the cycle of the moon which is 28 days. A tree was associated with each month. Interestingly enough the trees are also associated with the Oghams, which is ancient text found on stones and wood in parts of Ireland and the UK and is also a symbol or letter representing different sacred trees. So everyone has a Birthwood based on these Oghams. We make products for every Birthwood which makes perfect gifts for Birthdays!

Some of our Favourite Products