SmartOffice, A Cantec Group Company

About our Business

SmartOffice is a leading provider of business process automation products and customized solutions. Part of the Cantec Group, SmartOffice designs, creates and implements software automation solutions for end to end business processes such as accounts payable, expense management, document and information management.

Our flexible, adaptable and secure solutions are designed to streamline business workflows delivering cost reductions and improving productivity.

Available as out-of-box solutions, our business automation tools can be entirely customized to meet the exact needs of each individual customer. Every department within your organisation can benefit from an automated workflow and the challenge lies in establishing how to integrate this automation into your existing business process. This is where SmartOffice can help you.

We help our customers expand and grow their business by identifying areas where our automation solutions can add measurable benefits. We then design and install software that will merge seamlessly with your existing process without interruption. Enhanced security, improved efficiencies and significant cost reductions are the results of the SmartOffice Accounts Payable product to manage supplier invoice processing. Similar benefits stem from Nexus document management software and PO Pro.

Our solutions are cloud based meaning that expensive infrastructure is not required which reduces the overall investment required. More importantly, the bespoke solutions we provide navigate and overcome all obstacles within your process workflow delivering results that help your company thrive.