The Sea Gardener

About our Business

The Sea Gardener offers seaweed foraging and cookery events on the Co.Waterford coast; makes a range of award-winning seaweed snacks; and is the person who wrote The Sea Garden – a guide to seaweed cookery and foraging.

Visitors and locals have been enjoying visiting the seaweed-rich Waterford coast with Marie, learning how to identify edible seaweeds, the nutritional profile, how to use them in cookery, how to forage sustainably and how seaweeds have been used traditionally for their taste and health-giving benefits, medicinal, gardening and skincare uses.

Seaweed is Ireland’s native, natural superfood and on Marie’s (aka The Sea Gardener) forage with beach picnic, you will discover this world of taste and multivitamins, and enjoy sampling some delicious snacks made using this organic wonderfood.

This unique outdoor and foodie adventure will inspire and invigorate you, as a new dimension of the rocky shore is unveiled by a woman who grew up around people who passed this knowledge down through several generations.

Or simply buy Marie’s book, The Sea Garden, with excellent illustrations and easy-to-follow format, lots of recipes to try, and take off on your own journey of discovery!

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