Vivien O’Malley Ceramics

About our Business

Vivien O’Malley Ceramics is a pottery based in Dunhill Co. Waterford. My handcrafted pots are heavily influenced by our exquisite Irish landscape. Every piece that I create has its own unique personality. With the Tidal Collections I pour and twist each pot to apply its distinctive application of glaze. After every tide the pattern left in the sand is never quite the same, with every Tidal pot no pattern created on the pot is the same.

For the Urchin Collection it is all about soft curves and those tactile surfaces. This whole collection is completely functional but what’s more it begs to be handled. Every dot is applied by hand so every Urchin piece in unique and beautifully soft to the touch.

The Luminosity Collection is a series of lighting where I create sheets of porcelain paper clay and construct boxes that bend and tear in the firing and when the paper burns away and all that is left is incredibly textured fine porcelain that becomes translucent when lit.

From my studio in Dunhill I also host pottery classes for both adults and children. A brilliant form of escapism and creativity. From private family classes to 6 week course, I cater for all at the pottery.

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