Application Form

Welcome to Your Waterford! Please fill in all the details below, submit the form and we will be in touch with you soon. Please note the criteria for inclusion below:

Criteria for inclusion

  • Products must be designed, manufactured or produced by a Waterford registered business.
  • All businesses must have their own website, adhering to the latest best practice, be updated frequently and be mobile responsive.
  • For companies featuring in the ‘For Shoppers’ category, an e-commerce website is essential.
  • For companies featuring in the ‘For Business’ category, a website with contact information clearly visible is essential.


For companies featuring in the ‘Independent Retailer Outlet’ category:

  • Your outlet must stock some products that have either been designed, manufactured or produced in Waterford
  • You cannot employ more than ten employees
  • Your business must be registered in Waterford

Overview of your Business / Service Offering