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Q1. Tell us where it all began

Natures Alchemy is based in Knockanore, Co Waterford.

As a parent I found it challenging to find products that didn’t cause redness, irritation, or itchiness for myself and my families sensitive skin so, I decided to create my own. I worked with different natural ingredients for 2 years to develop a range of products that were gentle, effective, and soothing for my family to use everyday.

Then after training as a Community Herbalist, I learned how to harness the magic of nature and used this knowledge to develop a range of handmade skincare products, that use only the purest natural ingredients seamlessly blended with therapeutic herbs, to help rejuvenate and protect your skin.

We are dedicated to empowering people to live more comfortably in their sensitive skin, through education and support.

However our mission goes beyond beauty – we’re dedicated to helping to heal and protect your skin and the planet one product at a time.

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Q2. What differentiates you from similar businesses in this area?

Product quality and sustainability are the key factors that allow us to stand out from similar businesses in our niche. We are very picky about the quality of the ingredients we use. An example of this is our beeswax.

Most of our competitors use commercial beeswax, which even when purchased from Irish suppliers is a much lower quality. This often comes from abroad from as far as China and is processed using chemicals because they use all of types of wax available. White beeswax is especially processed as beeswax isn’t white and with yellow beeswax pellets the main indictor is the smell.

Our beeswax comes from a local beekeeper, we only use the capping from the honey comb. It has such a beautiful colour and smell, and it is also certified by an external laboratory. Sustainability is one of our core values and we operate a Return and Refill scheme which offers customers a discount when they return their empty glass bottles and jars or tins to be reused.

Q3. What would you say are the biggest challenges your business is currently facing?

Like all small businesses the rising costs of raw materials and packaging among everything else is quite challenging.

Personally, I find social media and marketing difficult and not keeping up with this can impact on sales and growth.

As a sole trader, deciding where to focus my time and energy can make me dizzy!

“Our beeswax comes from a local beekeeper, we only use the capping from the honey comb.”

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Q4. What are your top ‘moments of joy’ over the past 4-5 years?

Being Shortlisted for the inaugural Glas awards with the Local Enterprise Office.

Travelling to Paris with a group of Waterford small businesses on an inspiration trip, attending Maison et Object and realising that we are all as good as anything Europe has to offer.

Opening of our beautiful Wildflower Collective in Midleton, with a group of likeminded creative businesses.

Having my products in the RTE Christmas Gift guide 2022.

The feedback from people who feel more comfortable in their skin due to our products.

Q5. What does the future hold for your business?

We will attend our first Showcase in the RDS in January 2024 where we will hopefully gain new stockists around the country.

Looking forward to spring and planting all the beautiful herbs that will go into next years products.

Hopefully we will launch some new products early next year.

To keep reaching new customers so we can continue to heal and protect your skin and the planet one product at a time.

“We’re dedicated to helping to heal and protect your skin and the planet one product at a time.”

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